Roles Music / Singing Play in Worship

This series will explore the roles and purposes that music and singing fill in worship, both individual and corporate...stay tuned!!


untamed1 said...

All cultures on the planet have some form of musical expression. The use of music fills many societal needs. For this blog, I'll limit my comments to the use of music in Christian worship.

The Bible instructs us to use musical instruments (including our voice) to make music for worshipping God, our Father. Hundreds of verses discuss music and / or singing as a form of, or the driver in worship.

For me, it is apparent that God intends for music / singing to be an active part of our Christian life. Why???

Music engages the Believer on all levels: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Don't we all find it nearly impossible to hear a song and resist the urge to tap our foot, or nod our head, or somehow get our groove on? Music affects us physically. We experience the music on some primal level with our bodies.

Think about it, how often to we hear a song (from any source: TV, radio, street, church, etc.) and for the rest of the day find ourselves replaying that song in our mind. [Just can't get that song out of my 'mind'.]

Sometimes we don't recognize the spiritual activity surrounding music. Often, we refuse to let the songs we hear accomplish anything in our spirits. Maybe we are too tuned in to the physical and mental aspects of the song and do not focus on the words, meaning, and intent of the song.

Food for thought...

Anonymous said...

thier have been to many when i go to church or a church function loonging to dive into a strong intamate worship with my father. But instead I just attended another service. Dont get me wrong i love my church my brothers and sisters everything. But god just dose not move. Worship is ment to lift god up FIRST. but it it also ment to rejuvenate the soul. Without this the spirit man gets week (the body can not live on bread alone). My heart and soul longs for god to just empty me of my junk and fill me whit a new water(the living spring). Untill then my car will have to do.

untamed1 said...

Anon, I know what you mean about your car!!! Sometimes I need quiet, peaceful time with the Father, and others, I need a raw release of worship. I can put in a CD that fits what I need at the time, and the Spirit always meets me there. Keep on drinking from the well and your soul will never thirst again.

Chow said...

The great thing about Worship is that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can always stop and praise your king and give him your heart right there. God really is an awesome God. There are times when I worship that I get lost in God's grace that he gives me. Usually don't even know anyone else is around, or what they are doing. When I am with him in worship, that is my time to release all my burdens, praises, thanks, and well there are just to many things to list and not enough words to describe how true worship can effect your Christian relationship with others, and your Walk With God. God Bless