Loud Worship Music???

Can worship music be loud and effective in a church setting?

Future posts will explore this question...join in on the discussion!!!


Cindy said...

Hi. enjoyed the site lil' bro (chris)...hope you and desi are well. YES, worship music can be lound and rockin'---I believe any music that praises our Father is a blessing to us and pure enjoyment for our LORD.

Stephen said...

In my opinion loud or quiet depends on the message of the song. An energetic, exciting, praise song that celebrates Jesus and his Lordship should be "loud and proud". Other songs that are reflective, worshipful, personal prayer type songs should be softer and promote medetation upon the words.

Nick said...

Well most people know what i listen to atleast Chris, Des, Logan,and Ashely do so i say it depends on the people your trying to reach. Different music for different people, if you live in centerton you might get channel 74 and around 4-5pm they have a pure christain rock (hardxcore, southern rock,and screamo) hour it's pretty sweet and it's called Steelroots and they got a website called Streelroots.com so go and check it out if your with that kinda thing well i g2g and eat see ya.